We build houses for safety and luxury plus the roof has a huge role to perform. Furthermore, a house isn’t a home without a roof. Roof cleaning and maintenance is essential for the whole wellness of the home.


You will find many different ways to get it done rather cheaply. Leaving your roof may cause more damage. It will end up costing you a lot more money than regular roof cleaning and maintenance.

The roof is uncovered to all things in the atmosphere like dust, water, extreme weather etc. Also, as time passes, lots of debris will gather on the top.

Though nobody frequently checks there and compares the mess there, you still must keep it tidy and clean.

If you need the inside of your roof cleaned and vacuumed out you should check out these guys, who specialise in removing old insulation products and vacuuming ceiling and re-insulating.

Don’t Neglect Your Roof

Roofs which are neglected frequently begin to show cracks and seeping. This won’t be an excellent situation for you personally and everything that’s in your house. Not just that, having a clean well-maintained roof, it can save you money in the long run!

Though usually unseen, it improves the value of your house. High-pressure roof cleaning is among the most popular and best ways of cleaning the roof. We are a professional Durban based roof cleaning company to get this done for you. Read more on whirlybirds South Africa for proper roof ventilation.

Pressure cleaning professionals are very well educated to make use of the tools which is not suggested to try and do-it-yourself. You will find the likelihood of accidents that won’t only damage your home but additionally hurt your body. Furthermore, the tools are costly and you won’t be using them more than once or twice a year.

Roof Cleaning DIY

Roof cleaning yourself can be dangerous. You might want to try some simpler techniques to clean the roof first. Collecting debris, sweeping and wiping is a great way to start. This might lessen the frequency of roof cleaning but is certainly not really an alternative for this. You are able to make a price comparison provided by a few companies.

roof cleaning south africaCost shouldn’t be the only real qualifying criterion which you are using when making your decision on which roof cleaning company to choose. Pressure cleaning is really a skill and may cause harm otherwise done correctly.

High-pressure roof cleaning is used all over the world to help maintain your roof. Roof cleaning is the process of getting rid of algae, moss and dirt from roofs. By keeping your roof clean, you can actually extend the life of your roof and its ability to function properly.

Algae and Fungi

Many different types of fungi and algae tend to grow and roofs that have been shaded by fruit trees or buildings. Wherever moisture on your roof may occur. Additionally, in humid conditions, you will find all kinds of algae and fungi growing, and this will reduce the life expectancy of your roof.

Using a professional roof cleaning company to clean your roof from time to time will help combat this problem. It will also increase the life expectancy of your roof at home. Give is a call to get a roof cleaning price now!

Different nozzles can be used for cleaning. Depending on the surface and the algae or fungi being cleaned on your roof. Furthermore, it’s not always a case of the more power your machine pushes out the better the job will be done. Some areas of your roof may require a lower pressure if you do not want to damage the area. This is why you should always use a professional company to do the high-pressure roof cleaning for you. Professionals do this kind of roof cleaning every day. Furthermore, they know exactly what pressure and nozzles need to be used when roof cleaning. Give is a call to get a roof cleaning price now!

Roof Cleaning Machines Consist of:

  • A petrol driven motor which directly drives the machines water pump or an electric motor
  • Special cleaning hoses are used
  • A trigger style cleaning gun

The same way a garden hose nozzle is used to increase the water velocity out the hose pipe. The cleaner adds its own power to create high velocity. Moreover, the pump can only draw as much water from the pipe as the source will allow. Low water pressure at home means the cleaner will not be able to work at full velocity. Water starvation for a pressure cleaner can lead to damage. This will damage the pump elements.

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