If you don’t know how to pressure clean your paving properly, the chances are you are going to damage it. Some paving crumbles and breaks and the grout between them is very easy to damage too. This makes it very important to know exactly what you doing when you pressure cleaning patios, sidewalks and any area where paving is used. Call us now for a paving cleaning price.

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Lower Pressure for Paving Cleaning

Most of the time residential paving requires low pressure to clean the paving around the house. If you are running the high pressure cleaner on high, you are just wasting water, petrol and bodily energy.

Unless you do high pressure cleaning for a living and you are an accomplished pressure cleaner you will not be able high pressure clean as fast as the water coming out of the machine. You need to lower the pressure to around 3 times the normal water pressure that comes out your faucet. Call us now for a paving cleaning price.

Inspect First

If you are using too much water pressure on paving, chances are it will crumble, pit and in some cases even break the paving. No matter what kind of brick you are cleaning you need to inspect it first. You don’t want to start the cleaning, thinking you are doing a great job only to realize you have damaged your paving and the grout between them unnecessarily with too my pressure.

Always check the thickness and condition of the grout between the paving, because the deeper and thicker the grout between the paving is the more high pressure it can withstand. Very often you find the builders use less grout than they should so in many causes raining the high pressure cleaning gun a little higher for even lower pressure will do the trick. Call us now for a paving cleaning price.

Red Water Runoff When Paving Cleaning

Another thing to think about when cleaning paving is that they have a colourant added to them. These colourants often bleed from the paving when high water pressure is applied to them. What would have been a couple years long discolouration process can suddenly happen in a day to someone who is not as experienced with cleaning.

A good way to test if your paving will loose its colour is by cleaning a single brick and then rubbing it with your finger. If you can rub off some colour with your finger then you know your paving will definitely lose some colour when high pressure is applied. Call us now for a paving cleaning price.