One thing to consider is keeping cement clean. It will extend the life and value. Not to mention, looking good. Using a high-pressure washer is one of the best cement cleaning options available.

Furthermore, with little effort, large or small cement areas can be kept clean using the right equipment. You can hire a professional to do the job or hire a machine and do a DIY pressure clean.

cement cleaning south africaBest PSI For Cement Cleaning

In order to successfully high-pressure clean concrete, spend a little time setting up the machine.

The machine should be running around 3000 PSI to successfully clean concrete surfaces.

Check the flow rate. A flow rate of around 15L per minute is perfect for concrete cleaning in South Africa.

Adjusting The Nozzle For Cement Cleaning

Adjust the spray guns nozzle to get the most power out of the machine.

Additionally, 40-inch spray tips will produce the best results and be more effective. Another thing to consider is the cleaning solution.

To effectively clean concrete you will need a powerful solution. Add your chosen solution to the pressure cleaner’s reservoir.

Treating Cement Stains In Advance

When cement is badly stained, it’s hard for the pressure cleaner to remove all the stains. There are a few options with regards to cement treatment before the clean.

  • De-Greasing Agent
  • Bleach
  • Detergent

Once it has been applied, the cement must be scrubbed. Keep applying the cleaning agent and scrubbing. Slowly but surely the stains will become to lift out of the cement. The high-pressure washer can now be used to clean the surface properly.

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