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Stains and Causes

Roof Stains

When you look at your roof have you ever noticed the black streaks the run down your roofing tiles and wondered how they got there and how they get stained in almost perfectly vertical columns? Have you ever seen a roof covered in moss and asked yourself the question, does the growth harm the roof at all? High pressure roof cleaning is the solution.

Roof stains come in different colours and sizes. Roof stains can be caused by rust, chimney soot, plant debris, extractive bleed through, and all kinds of fungi and algae. These discolorations are not only horrible to look at but can also be a sign of damaged roof material.

Rust stains and chimney soot

Rust and soot very often cause these brown and black roof stains around and below chimneys on your roof. If you don’t find many roof stains and rust on other areas of roofs then the chimney is normally the first suspect. When soot lands on your roof it washes down the slope of your roof and it leaves a discolored trail down to your gutters. The same thing happens with rust, which can come from antennas, satellite dishes metal and iron mounts. Rust stains should be investigated cause they are an indication that metal is leaking which will eventually cause major roof damage.

Extractive Bleed Stains

These are black streaks that run down your roof. Stains like these differ in length and width, but are definitely a clear indication of a roofing product that is defective. Excessive amounts of bitumen or some form of black pigment can cause these stains when released from the top of your roof and makes its way to your gutters. It can mean that the bitumen was not installed properly during production. Stains like this will often manifest over large areas of your roof. High pressure roof cleaning will help remove the stains from your roof. Dont do it yourself use a professional roof cleaning company.

Debris and Proximate Stains

Roof Stains like these are more than likely caused by a nearby tress, adjacent building or possibly a chimney. These stains are grey, brown or black and develop in limited areas of a roof. Normally when objects shade a rooftop, it can prevent the area of roof from drying properly and can potentially help the growth of fungi, algae, moss. Debris stains are usually caused by branches and leaves or any form of rubbish that stands still on the same spot of your roof and creates spots on your roof over time. Twigs and leaves releases organic acids that can cause discoloration. You need to get your roof cleaned to remove stains like these.

Moss, Fungi and Algae – Roof Stains

Fungi and Algae often appear as streaks or black spots on your roof. They look a bit like dark stains or shadows on your roof. Moss is more of a greenish colour and don’t look like stains but more of a growth. Moss will appear anyway there is humidity and some sunlight. High pressure cleaning is needed to remove moss and algae growths. A professional high pressure roof cleaning is needed to remove moss from your roof.

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