Mistakes Homeowners Make When Removing Mold

Mistakes Homeowners Make When Removing MoldHome-owners will often need to take care of their mold problems around the house, but often preferring to work alone rather than hiring a professional cleaning company so they can save money in the process. If you do have a large area to cover, you would still do better by working with a cleaning company, rather than dealing with this issue by yourself.

Removing mold

The following mistakes are often made by those removing mold, making the problem worse or simply ignoring some of the realities when it comes to mold infestations:

  • Not finding all the mold and dealing with it

This may not always be the case, but you will often fail to all the moldy areas around your home if you have an infestation. Mold spores are pretty small and very light, which makes them easily spreadable around the areas between rooms. If you happened to find mold in one area of your home, you would do well to look for any hidden mold patches around the rest of the rooms just in case. You can do even better than that by having a professional cleaner specializing in mold cleanup to check for any signs of mold infestations, especially if you have any reason to believe you may have black mold on your hands.

  • Painting over mold patches
  • Using mold resistant paint on mold patches will absolutely not clear or contain the mold. Make no mistake, the mold will keep growing and spreading underneath it and it will eventually break through regardless of your efforts, unless you do something about it and you fix the issue. This will only aggravate things in the long run, so you would do well to remove the mold entirely and then paint over if you want results.

    • Cleaning materials that cannot be cleaned thoroughly

    Mold can be easily removed from materials without porous surfaces, such as glass and porcelain, but it will be hard and nigh impossible to remove it from any others, such as home insulation, drywall, wood, carpeting and any upholstery without literally drowning them in chemicals. These materials should be removed and instead replaced when possible to allow a more adequate solution to your problem.

    • Spreading mold by handling it wrong

    As it stands, it happens to be very easy to spread mold around if you’re not careful during the cleaning process. Scrubbing surfaces, tearing carpets, cutting drywall and a lot of other tasks will disturb mold spores and spread them all around, where they can lie in wait until conditions are right so they can spring to life again. You need to seal the area off as best as you can to avoid that.