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High Pressure Cleaning Equipment

High-pressure cleaning equipment or a pressure washer is a machine that sprays water at a high velocity and is used to remove loose paint, grime, mold, mud, dirt and dust from different surfaces, objects, concrete or vehicles. The volume used to express a pressure washer is litres per minute. The pumps pressure, also known as the machines “bar”, is designed to pump but the bar can be changed on the machine by adjusting the unloader valve. This allows the user to adjust the pressure of the cleaner depending on what surface is being cleaned.

A pressure washer consists of:

  • A petrol driven motor which directly drives the machines water pump or an electric motor
  • Special cleaning hoses are used
  • A trigger style cleaning gun

The same way a garden hose nozzle is used to increase the water velocity out the hose pipe, a high pressure cleaner adds its own power to create high velocity. The pump can only draw as much water from the pipe as the source will allow, so it you have low water pressure at your home, the high pressure cleaner will not be able to work at full velocity. Water starvation for cleaner can lead to cavitation damage. This will damage the pump elements.

High Pressure Nozzles – Cleaning Equipment

There are many different nozzles that are available for use with different surfaces. Some nozzles have a flat spray while others have a jet of water which spins around at a very fast rate in a cone type pattern (rotating nozzle). You will find the nozzles that have a higher flow rate will lower a high pressure cleaner’s output pressure. All the nozzles will be attached directly to the gun.

High pressure cleaning equipment can be dangerous tools if not used properly and with caution. The water that comes out the nozzle at high pressures can actually strip flesh to the bone in some cases. The objects being cleaned can also shoot bits and pieces of dislodged objects from the surface being cleaned at high velocity too.