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Residential Cleaning

Residential high pressure cleaning. Paving, walls, gutters, downpipes, patios, courtyards, Pool areas. We specialise in residential high pressure cleaning. keeping your home dirt, algae and fungi free. Keep it clean chaps, and add some curb appeal! Call us now for a high pressure cleaning price.

Commercial Cleaning

High Pressure Cleaning of Buildings and Structures, Fast Food Drive Thru’s, Petrol Stations, Convenience Stores, Parking Lots, Storefronts & Sidewalks. We have been keeping buildings clean for many years now. We use cherry pickers to reach those hard to reach places you need cleaned. High pressure cleaning price.

Roof Painting

Are you looking to get you roof professionally painted? Give us a call! We can quote you on getting your roof painted. We have a professional team of painters that will get the job done for you. Indoor and outdoor, home and building painting. Call us now for a roof painting price.

Roof Insulation

Saving energy has become a big thing in the last few years. Everyone needs to do their bit to put less strain on our fragile power grid. The use of roof insulation will not only reduce your power consumption but will save you money!

Window Tinting

Another good way to reduce your power consumption and save money in South Africa is by having your home windows tinted. By reducing the solar heat that comes through the windows, you put less strain on your cooling systems. Get a price on having your windows tinted.

Isotherm Insulation

Using a product like isotherm in your roof help reduce your power consumption. It does this while keeping you cool in summer and warm in winter. Isotherm minimizes the need for heating aand cooling systems.


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We are high pressure cleaning specialists and have extensive knowledge and experience in cleaning different surfaces. Our team of experienced workers can give you the professional commercial and residential high pressure cleaning services you are looking for. Call us now for a high pressure cleaning price.